Monday, January 4, 2016

Back To School

     So I know most of you went back to school for me all my seven class we watched movies except for fourth period we had to hear an audio and so a summary for homework but it was a good day. How was yours?

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Perfect day(s)?

     So I just realized that a perfect day or days do exist. Yeah life might get hard at most point just just know your hard work you put into whatever it is pays off. I've had two straight perfect days just saying. I like this year and I want to make the most of it. So try your best to put on a brave smile.

Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year Resolutions?

     Ugh! Yes it's that time again where we all feel like we have to accomplish something for this year. Thinking of items and goals to put on our list so we can fully do, but the truth is we only do half of what we say we are going to do.  I can't tell you that you aren't going to do them all this year but be realistic with the goals you set like you can say: I want to lose weigh(5pounds) each month. Don't say: I want to lose 20 pounds in one month, if you know yours that type of busy person that doesn't have time. Another thing manage your time with them do one thing at a time. What's item #1 on your list? Start with that. I know everyone or most are going to say exercise each day, but i can guarantee you, you will miss one day or two, but a New Year Resolution is about you keep doing it all the way through, even if you miss a couple of day here and there. Hoped that helped.
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My Web, My Opinions, My Tips: Explanation of this blog

I am here ready to discuss fashion, tips, advise, and what's going on in 2016. Like what's the newest trend? Life hacks to get ready etc. and celebrities. If you have a problem or need advise leave it all in the comments. Please try to spread this blog around. Brief explanation about the title of my blog, its called "Double Vision" because in my world I'm two different people and you all are too. Answer this in your mind do you teens or adults have any account on your computer: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, etc.? So we all are on a computer or we live in one A.K.A. Social Life yet we have our own experience in person:in school or at work. This Blog is mainly for teens because I'm one. So it's easier for me to tell you from my own experiences and what I find on the web to fill you in into all the scandal going on.